Wednesday, 11 March 2009

2 night camp

right peoples its a 2 night camp (2 night cramp for some of the 35ers LOL) email me if you need the route

Monday, 2 March 2009

1st camp of the year

we played manhunt it was awesome although I now have a huge cut on my thigh!!!!(fr*cken barbed wire!!!) then we went to sleep! whoop. Day2 1st camp...well I got up at 0440 am!!!! because Emily kept rolling near me when I was trying to pack away my sleeping bag!! phpt! women.then I went to the toilet and peed for like 3 minutes eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!! then I got all my clothes and put more on as it was really cold ... then I tied my boots properly and slipped on the floor owwww! then I hobbled back to camp where everyone else was asleep still then I cooked beans bacon sausage and toast in a bag 'yippee what fun' by the time it was finished we had packed away are tent and bags but then the toast was foul!!!! then we ranted on at Harry and Kieron who hadn't even cooked let alone put anything away!!!! then we laughed at Rosie because we were all watching her clean (what women should be doing!lol) a pan with a fork it was so funny I have a video maybe I will post it later oh well then we walked to Trollsworthy in record time of a few hours then we walked to the trigg point where Harry Adam and decided to climb up it and jump from it into the mud however harry pulled himself up on top but couldn't get his knee up high enough so he at on it the tried to get a foot on it which he did when he tried to get the second foot on top he fell off backward into to mud it was funny and we all decided to call him scarface for the rest of the day as the mud was only on one side of his face unfortunately I didnt manage to capture this 'special'(funny) moment on camera the we finally walked up and down 10 huge hills till we got to Redlake it was so beautiful there was a perfect sun glimmering on the lake we were all dying to go swimming but unfortunately there were huge pike in there :( then we walked to postbridge and when we got back all the little 35ers were asleep on the bus aaawwww!!! so we decided to wake Rosie up by shaking the chair and pulling out hairs (acctually it was only one) sorry Rosie!!!

35ers input

"we have an annoying stupid complaining person in our team who moans about everythinG!!!!!!!! she is so annoying there name begins with R and she annoys me!!!!"

hMm I wonder who that was?


this where I am going to post my Ten Tors experience btw we are team 45 A not the scummy 6th formers!!

Rosie/Sam or who ever tell me if you want to become an author for it then you can add your own stuff to it!!!